Ralph in 1942 before Normandy & ETO Campaigns
Ralph Harrison Murray

10/8/1919 - 2/28/1988
Branch: Army
Rank: Tech 5
Unit: 997th Field Artillery Battalion
Service Dates: 1942 - 1945
Veteran Station: Normandy to Central Europe
County: Franklin
City: Ottawa, KS
Medals: Good Conduct, ETO, WWII Victory,Combat
Conflicts/Significant Events: Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes,Rhine
Story uploaded/modified: N/A

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German P-38 & Dagger. Dad's Dog Tag.

No wonder dad did not want to travel much!

To Dad this was like receiving a college diploma!

Though not aging well this page reveals so much.

A very young Ralph in early 1942

Maturing quickly before the cameras eye

Ralph is on the left while in the states.

Dad always wore his hat angled like this for life

Dad on the left with his brother Dee

Dad on left in front of a supply/troop train car.

997th in action. Wow were they active!

Somewhere between Normandy and the Rhine

Dad on left in one of many successful campaigns

Dad securing a newly captured city in ETO.