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Did you know there are over 23 million military veterans living in the U.S. today? They are neighbors, parents, co-workers, employees, grandparents, PTA members, baseball coaches, grocery store workers, teachers, firemen, friends - they live, work and play in your hometown.

There are millions more who have passed away, but their stories still live on in our hearts and minds.

The blanket of freedom under which we live was woven by our veterans and we are looking for stories from ALL veterans, regardless of when, where, and how they served. Each has a unique story and together they tell the story of the sacrifice that has won and continues to secure our Freedom. They are America's Veteran Story!

The Hometown Heroes' mission is to tell America's Veteran Story
  • HONORING our veterans and their families through the collection and preservation of their stories � all branches, all periods, living or deceased
  • EDUCATING current and future generations on the experiences and sacrifices of our military veterans through access to these real stories and Discussion Forums to learn and share more
  • INSPIRING us all to do more with the freedom that has been won and is preserved through the sacrifice of all who have served
Hometown Heroes is America's Veteran Story
  • Veteran stories including photos, video, text and other memorabilia direct from the veterans and their families See Examples
  • "The Nation which forgets it's defenders will itself be forgotten" - Calvin Coolidge

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